the unique olfactory universe of La Savonnerie Royale.

Fragrances inspired by French history, heritage and historical figures.

Testifying to true know-how, our perfumes are created in partnership with a perfumer from Grasse.

Between Grasse and Versailles , our fragrances reflect the unique and historical know-how linked to these two cities.

Versailles, historic cradle of perfume creation:

This is the reason why the internationally recognized training school for noses, ISIPCA , is located in Versailles.

Grasse, world capital of flower and perfume production.

We work with a perfumer located in this town on the Côte d'Azur, recognized for his exceptional know-how .

Les Chevaux d'Apollon is a reflection of this association of know-how. This fragrance was created in partnership with ISIPCA and is manufactured by our perfumer from Grasse.